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List & Label 23

Reporting Component for Developers!


  • Report Designer can be redistributed at no extra cost
  • Designer can be launched with .NET without a single line of code
  • Free choice of development environment: .NET, Visual Studio, C#, etc.
  • One of the most feature-rich report generators on the market
  • Adds crosstabs, charts, gauges, forms, labels, barcodes, web reports...
  • Winner of multiple awards from customers and media worldwide

An Edition to Suit Any Requirement

From small-scale to full power – there is a List & Label edition for everyone. Our reporting tool is available as a straightforward Standard Edition, or as one of two subscription editions – Professional and Enterprise. The subscription editions include support services, free upgrades to new versions, and much more besides.


New Features in v23

Report Server Included
Instantly installable and ready to use solution.
Ad-hoc Designer
Browser-based alternative to the Web Designer.
Relational Links
Relational links between diverse data sources.
Data Provider Salesforce
Integration with the Salesforce web service.
Faster Printing
Numerous optimisations in the preparation of the actual data structure used for printing and exporting accelerate the printing speed.
Faster Designer Startup
Your users won't believe their eyes: The Designer loads much faster, especially if a large data structure is used.
New Features in Pie/Donut Charts
Multiple data rows and partial charts for even more design flexibility.
Virtual Formula Variables
Use the required formatting directly via drag & drop.
Highlighted Chart Sections
Marked areas in charts draw attention to important things.
SVG Picture Format
Use Scalable Vector Graphics directly in reports without conversion.
Renewed SVG Export
Completely revised! Almost all previous restrictions have been removed.
Crosstab Editing
Editing the crosstab is child's play with the context ribbon.



All three editions of the reporting tool allow you to redistribute the Designer without paying extra license fees.

Designer Included For End Users

The Designer can be redistributed free of charge. You can deploy it with any appli­cation to provide end users with intuitive output functionality – in the form of reports, subreports, lists, multi-tables, crosstabs, graphs, charts, Gantt charts, gau­ges, forms, labels, mail merges, barcodes and web reporting. The Designer integrates seamlessly into the style of your software, with or without a ribbon.

Simple Linking To Data Source

Use more than twenty included data providers for a variety of different data sources such as SQL, Oracle, XML, LINQ, NoSQL, CSV or Business Objects/ORM. The data sources are freely mixable. Own data providers can be written in no time at all thanks to the supplied examples. With .NET, the DataSource is available for selection in the SmartTag of the LL component after connecting to the database.

Choice of Development Environment

Use the language that suits you best. From Visual Studio.NET (C#, VB. NET,...), C/C++ and Delphi/VCL to Progress, DataFlex, dBASE PLUS and Xbase++. Countless development environments and programming languages are supported.

Report Server (included in Enterprise Edition)

The combit Report Server is an immediately installable and ready to use reporting solution, completely without any programming effort. The web application works in any modern browser on all devices. You can configure data sources and easily create reports and previews with the Ad-hoc Designer. Numerous export formats take the report to the recipient as it is needed.

Sophisticated Reports

The report generator integrates into software with minimal programming effort, delivering professional-quality crosstabs, lists and reports. Users can employ a wide variety of charts, tables, gauges and shapefiles to enhance their reports with powerful visuals. What's more, List & Label supports batch printing of labels, forms, and more, with­out the need for word processing tools.

Comprehensive Export Options

Clients can integrate a broad range of export options to enhance their applications with zero additional effort. That includes formats such as PDF, MS-Word DOCX, RTF, Excel, CSV, HTML, MHTML, XML, XPS, SVG, JPEG, EMF, TIFF / Multi-TIFF, TTY and PNG.

Easy Deployment

Because List & Label supports xcopy, integrating it into your application is as easy as 1, 2, 3. No special database drivers and setups are needed; it can simply be copied to where you want it, leaving an exceptionally small memory footprint. Developers love this straightforward process – not even registration is required (unless you're using OCX). And should there be a glitch, the integrated auto-debugging function sets things straight right away.

Rich Designer Objects

List & Label enables everything from simple tables to comprehensive master-detail reports/ subreports, crosstabs, charts, RTF text, barcodes, graphics, PDF objects and more. Designer components enable a host of custom objects to be seamlessly integrated.


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