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Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC

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UI Framework for Any App Scenario

Enjoy 70+ ASP.NET MVC controls for every need: navigation and layout, data management and visualisation, editing, interactivity and more.

HTML5 Rendering Powered by Kendo UI

Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC offers server-side functionality on top of Telerik HTML5/JS library, Kendo UI. Use them together or separately.

Mobile Support and Responsiveness

Leverage touch support, adaptive mobile rendering, responsive capabilities and integration with Bootstrap.

Simple Server-Side Data Binding and CRUD

UI for ASP.NET MVC makes binding to data a breeze.

Seamless UX Across Browsers

Your web or mobile applications will look and work flawlessly across all major browsers.

Built-In, Yet Customisable Themes

Apply a built-in theme or customise it in seconds with the ThemeBuilder tool.

Document Processing

Process the most common text, spreadsheet, and PDF file formats without any dependencies on external libraries.

Use Bower and Nuget

Provides a Bower feed for its client scripts, and a NuGet feed, hosted on our NuGet server, for its server wrappers implementation.

Tag Helpers

We are proud to announce that Telerik Tag Helpers are now available as part of our UI for ASP.NET MVC.


ASP.NET MVC Controls

Data Management
  • Grid
  • PivotGrid
  • Spreadsheet
  • TreeList
  • Calendar
  • GanttChart
  • Scheduler
  • AutoComplete
  • Color Picker
  • ComboBox
  • Date and Time Pickers
  • DateTimePicker
  • DropDownList
  • Editor
  • MultiSelect
  • numeric TextBox
Data Visualization
  • Barcode
  • Charts
  • Gauges
  • QR Code
  • Radial Gauge
  • Stock Chart
  • TreeMap
File Upload & Management
  • Upload
Interactivity & UX
  • Progress Bar
  • Slider
  • Button
  • Menu
  • PanelBar
  • Tab Strip
  • ToolBar
  • TreeView
  • Responsive Panel
  • Splitter
  • ToolTip
  • Window


  • Diagram
Geo Visualisation
  • Map
Document Processing
  • PdfProcessing
  • SpreadProcessing
  • SpreadStreamProcessing
  • WordsProcessing
  • Media Player
Forms & Dialogs
  • Dialog

Available separately or as part Telerik DevCraft Collection.

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